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In this episode of the MBV Podcast we're joined by Anna Gala, a meditation and self-awareness coach based out of Toronto, Canada.

After years of living with severe anxiety, Anna discovered meditation as a therapeutic relaxation technique, and an effective way to take control of her inner world. When she was able to ease her anxieties and calm her mind, she was stunned to realize that she had finally found what she didn't even know she was looking for — herself! 

This experience helped Anna discover the true meaning of self-awareness, and the extremely valuable impact this could have for people living in today's world. 

In this discussion we will be talking about:

  • Finding relief in the present moment.
  • Why you are not your thoughts and emotions.
  • Taking away the momentum of anxiety.
  • What it means to be self-aware. 
  • Why this topic is so important for us today.
  • Why meditation might be the most powerful way to truly acquire self-awareness.
  • Learning how to be comfortable with your own breath.
  • The difference between your ego voice and your gut intuition.
  • The strategic meaning of positive thinking.
  • Taking care of yourself and everything around you.

A long time ago, human beings needed to be highly aware of their surroundings and deeply in touch with themselves in order to navigate the complexities of their natural environment. Self-awareness was a key component to our survival by letting us know when to adapt and how to conquer any situation that may come our way.

This inner awareness was not only essential for our own survival in the face of danger, but a necessary aspect of our relationships with the people around us, our tribes, and our communities. 

Being grounded in reality and in tune with our senses gave us the power to not only embrace the constant movement of life, but to become fully alive, contribute to the world, thrive, and fulfill an extraordinary existence.

In our modern world, we have moved further away from our primal nature and deeper into a socially driven, technologically advanced, competitive, and fast moving digital age.

Self-awareness has become a rare and unique personality trait, yet remains one of the most powerful things we can acquire for ourselves if we want to experience a life of joy, excitement, adventure, and passion. 

The dilemma of self-awareness is that it’s a quiet and gentle journey that requires inner peace at a time when we’re so focused on our noisy outer journey. Added to all that noise is our quest for progress, success and a life we can call our own. 

In this fun and fascinating conversation, we discuss why meditation might be the most powerful and effective way to achieve true self-awareness.

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