Dr James Prado, DC

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Dr. Jim Prado is the president and director of the Pomperaug Chiropractic & Holistic Center, PC in Southbury Connecticut where he has practiced since 1987. His emphasis is on the holistic treatment of acute and chronic pain syndromes as well as sports injuries. Dr. Prado is the creator of the acclaimed lifestyle-change course, The HolisticLifestyle: Contemporary Science Discovers Ancient Wisdom. Dr. Prado's approach combines the power of traditional chiropractic techniques with the contemporary science of mind-body medicine and the age-old wisdom of the natural healing arts. Dr. Prado emphasizes living a life of balance including regular exercise, proper nutrition, stress management and spiritual practice. He regularly lectures on the Holistic Approaches to Stress Reduction and Mind-Body Medicine. Jim lives in Roxbury, CT with his wife Karen and his son Matt. His interests include organic gardening, long distance bicycle touring, fly-fishing, ice hockey and reading.