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    Welcome to the NCLC 2018 Community!   With hundreds of attendees and speakers coming from across the country we want to give you a central place to chat about the premier chiropractic event of the year. This is your spot to get to know each other ...

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    Parody is more than adequate to describe the Medicare debacle! When will DCs be able to opt out of Medicare as MDs DOs Dentists are able to do? Sent from my iPhone ------Original Message------ ​Morning I am rather certain that you meant Medicare Parity. ...

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    now that's funny! ------------------------------ John Ventura DC consultant Spine Care Partners, LLC Rochester NY (585)943-7680 ------------------------------

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  • By now you are no doubt familiar with the concept of evidence-based clinical practice (EBCP). But what does that really mean for the doctor of chiropractic? How does one actually implement the “the conscientious, explicit and judicious use of current best evidence in making decisions about the care of ...

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