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Essay transition

Using essay transitional phrases

Most students keep wondering why an essay transitions are important aspects of essay writing. For most students, they are not aware of the fact that they have made use of certain words that indicate the transition from one idea to the next. Some of the words are not used in the right context, leading to a situation where they become quite meaningless. In this article provided by the experts from essay and precalculus homework help service you will find some of the common words and phrases that you would come across in an essay.

  • In the first place
  • Formerly
  • Meanwhile
  • To begin with
  • For instance
  • In addition to
  • Equally important
  • At present
  • Moreover
  • At the same time
  • In any case
  • To sum up
  • In conclusion

What you see above is just a brief list of words or phrases. There are quite a lot of phrases that are in use by college and university students. Whether it is an essay, a research paper or a term paper, the use of the right words could make or break your work.


The language content of an essay

A well written essay makes use of language that is both simple as well as straightforward. There are no frills and flounces in the language used and there are no empty words that only occupy space. This is the basic principle of all essays. When you put in a phrase such as ‘to sum up’, it indicates that you have already presented a few ideas on the issue earlier. Now, you are putting it all together in order to formulate a concise statement. In other words, there is a transition of ideas, making it necessary to use the right kind of essay transition phrases.

Another mistake that is commonly made by students is the use of inappropriate words. This is also referred to as malapropism. The word is not what they really intend it to mean – leading to sometimes even comic situations. This is where you need a good editing service. Even if you are writing a funny essay, it would not be right to use inappropriate words. Therefore, choose your words well whether it is a graduate essay or document-based essay or a DBQ essay, as it is referred to.

If you think this is all going way above your head, do not panic! There is always enough help at hand to ensure that you do your paper well. We are also aware of the financial constraints that students face most of the time. Whether it is advice on essay transitions or any other aspect of essay writing; get in touch with us right away.


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